Core Values

Whole Child

We value each child as a unique workmanship of God himself. We develop the wholeness of each child’s character, academic progress, effort, physical abilities and artistic expression.


Biblical Worldview

We value seeing life through the lens of scriptural truth and living accordingly. We acknowledge the sovereignty of God over every aspect of creation. We address the fallen-ness of humanity and the broken-ness of creation by directly addressing their effects on life as God intended it to be. We do not avoid difficult issues; we teach biblical discernment.

Responsible Stewardship

We value responsible Kingdom-advancing stewardship over all of creation, including community, people, time, facilities, financial resources and the environment.

Educational Excellence

We value high academic standards for our students, cultivating each child’s potential capacity as an image-bearer of God. We value proactive innovation, carefully assessing the need for change and seeking new methods to improve education when appropriate. We provide educational excellence for each student within a safe and loving environment.


Intentional Christian Community

Christian schools are covenantal, faith-infused communities. Our faith is passionate and the Spirit is alive among us. We lovingly hold each other accountable to the core values stated here. We demonstrate unwavering support to our fellow community members in upholding these same values.


Outstanding Teachers

We value outstanding, passionate and faith-filled teachers, who meet the highest professional standards and are flourishing both personally and professionally. Our teachers are committed to the calling of Christian education.


Kansas City Christian School

4801 W. 79th St.  
Prairie Village, KS  66208
Main Office: 913-648-5227

Prohibition Against Discrimination and Harassment Policy